22. July 2024

Organisational structure

The General Assembly, is the supreme body of the Association, composed of all regular members.

The Association President is the statutory body having two Vice-presidents.

The Association Board is an executive body managing the association´s activities. It has 9-13 members, depending on the decision adopted by the General Assembly, where minimum 7 members have economic education and minimum two have education in law.

The Association Board is composed of the President and other Board members. It is established subject to vote by the General Assembly. The Board elects and removes its President and Vice-presidents.

The General Assembly also establishes the Auditing Group. It has 3 to 5 members. It is composed of the Chairman and members. The chairman is elected and removed by the Auditing Group. The term of office of all elected members of the Association is two years.

To adress special problems, the General Assembly also creates specialized expert groups that elect their Chair from amongst themselves.


The AMFO Office is an executive body of the Association. It is established by the President on the basis of the decision of the AMFO Board. The seat of the office is independet of the President´s seat.

The purpose of the Office is to carry out administrative activities of the Association and to this end, the Association has its one employer.