22. July 2024

Our programme

By forming the Association, a forum has been created for Association members to discuss problems and provide each other specialist assistance in areas that primarily concern financial management of self governments, accounting, budgeting, debt service, investments, tax administration, property management, management of city- or community-established companies, etc. Since the finance or economic manager of the city and community and the lawyer are professions having a wide scope of seponsibilities and competencies, the scope of problems that the Association incorporates in its program is determined by membership interests, which can be presented throug questionnaires.
In Addition to sharing information, the association facilitates asquisition of information from experts, from competent state authorities, foreign partners, co-operating institutions in banking, etc.

Members of the Association prepare for active roles of trainers within the training project for finance managers of cities and communities.

The Association arranged for a short-term and long-term program of activities taking the form of “AMFO SR Action Plan” that was drawn by the Association Board and approved by the General Assembly of Association members on the basis of a resolution.

The Action Plan assumes, in addition to the above activities, publication of a Collection of Ideas of Self governments (Good practice Guide), Code of Ethics, elaboration of assessment and appraisal procedures of self-government budgets, preparatory work for certification of selg-government finance officers and further involvement in international collaboration.